Induction line can detect the presence of water, acid, oil anywhere along the cable. Once detected intrusion, start the sound and light alarm, the output dry contact signal, with the intelligent building system - BMS interconnection.

Line sensing
It has the detection and positioning functions can be widely applied to various fields, such as: data center underfloor, telecommunications room, HVAC equipment area, pipelines, power room, storage area, a large sink and the roof and other testing.

Design flexibility
It comes with mating male and female connectors for easy connection between cables. Special mounting clips are used to secure the sensing cable. Prefabricated series of connecting accessories to connect the cables. It is compact and lightweight, flexible, easy to install, smooth design features conducive to rapid cable drying. It has a variety of length specifications to choose from, to meet the needs of a variety of testing.

Advanced technology
It uses the conductive polymer technology and fluoropolymer structure to make it tough mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, wear resistance. It consists of two embedded fluorine-containing polymer sensing lines and two continuity test lines, which are screw-type, pressed around the central axis to reduce the risk of electromagnetic pollution and false positives. The robust construction of the cable ensures no metal exposure, Can even be used repeatedly in weakly corrosive environment.

Technical Parameters

product features:
Cable Diameter: 0.24 inch (6.0mm) (nominal)
Continuity detection line and signal line: 2 × 26AWG (American wire gauge)
Sensing line: 2 × 30AWG (American wire gauge) with conductive sheath
Cable Weight (50 ft / 15 m length): 2 lb (1.7 kg)
Technical Description:
Cable color: blue
Maximum continuous working temperature: 55 ℃
Performance data:
Fire resistance: 2-stage plenum cable (according to NEC1996725-71 (a)) Steiner pipe test modified to UL 910
Drying time Alarm leak (tap water): Cable removed from static water Dry and reset sensor cable within 15 seconds Anywhere: 2 "(50mm) maximum; maximum system length up to 5000 feet
Standard cleaning method: wipe with a clean, damp cloth

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